Su-Dunnit Tracking Privileged Access in the CDE - Vancouver, Canada (2019)

2019 PCI Community Meeting

Su-Dunnit Tracking Privileged Access in the CDE - Dublin, Ireland (2019)

2019 PCI Community Meeting

You’ve Gone Dark: How Inconsistent Configurations Are Blinding Your Security Team (2020)

2020 PCI Community Meeting

American Airlines Security Summit

Here's a clip from Boyd's talk on credit card data security at the American Airlines Security Summit (2018).


"Boyd is a textbook example of leadership, mentorship, friendship and care. Boyd is not only extremely technically proficient and knowledgeable with regard to Information Security and Compliance, he has a passion for helping other to understand not only the reasons that security and compliance matter, but also how to take steps to perform their duties and responsibilities in an efficient and effective manner."

-Mike Peters (American Airlines)

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